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When you refinance your mortgage, there are all sorts of new terms to describe the process.


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Simply put, refinancing your mortgage is essentially replacing your existing mortgage with a new mortgage.

It's commonly done to get a lower interest rate, which lowers your monthly costs. You can also refinance to get a different mortgage term — 15 years, instead of 30 years, which cuts your mortgage costs. Or you can refinance to get out from under a mortgage you find onerous, like moving from an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate mortgage. can help, with useful articles, calculators, and a refinance mortgage glossary that give you the information to assist you in your decision.

Refinance Mortgage Rates

If you're a homeowner — or plan to be in the future — you will at some point face the question of whether refinancing your mortgage makes sense.

It's not the easiest of decisions. You'll need to figure out if the closing costs to refinance your loan are less than the savings from the lower interest rate. You'll also need to shop around for the best rate, and consider whether it makes sense to stay with your existing lender. can help with all of these decisions, from articles and calculators to help you decide whether a refinance is in your best interests, to finding lenders who want to compete for your business.